About Elmwood Franklin


Elmwood Franklin School prepares children for success in life. By setting high standards for scholarship and character and providing a nurturing and supportive environment, Elmwood Franklin fosters the development of confident, independent, self-motivated learners with a strong sense of responsibility to self and community.

To effectively carry out the mission, Elmwood Franklin is committed to

  • providing an enriched academic program that emphasizes learning how to learn, developing good work habits, and fostering creative and independent thinking;
  • enhancing each student’s learning experience with in-class and out-of-class activities as well as extracurricular offerings including athletics and the arts;
  • sustaining an environment in which respect and caring for each child and adult in the school community are paramount;
  • building an inclusive school community that reflects and values diversity;
  • maintaining a collegial faculty of outstanding professionals to serve as effective teachers and caring mentors;
  • fostering a school-home partnership focused on the academic and personal development of each student and characterized by open communication;
  • involving families in supporting the work of our students and teachers;
  • supporting our educational program with extensive resources and well-maintained, well-equipped facilities.

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