Prep Division

Pre-Primary Program: Beginners, Prep I, Prep II


Prep is Elmwood Franklin's pre-primary educational program. It is comprised of Beginners, our program for three-year-olds; Prep I, our pre-K program for four-year-olds, and Prep II, our equavilant to kindergarten. Everything in Prep is oriented to a young child’s specific needs. Little learners take important steps toward independence in classes that are large enough for socialization, yet small enough to ensure plenty of teacher attention. In an environment designed for comfort and flexibility, children enjoy a mix of appropriate instruction, activity, and play.

Elmwood Franklin’s preschool program embraces an educational philosophy called Reggio Emilia. Developed in northern Italy in the mid-20th century in a city of the same name, Reggio Emilia is not a prescribed curriculum or methodology. Rather, it is a broad-based approach built upon certain underlying values about how children learn. These values can be interpreted and enacted in different ways in different schools. Click here to learn more about Reggio at Elmwood Franklin School.

We teach the fundamentals of reading, writing, and math in small groups. Through socio-dramatic play, we help our students develop social skills as they learn to interact and share. In a secure and supportive atmosphere, we encourage them to explore and question. Our youngest students benefit from the breadth of the school’s resources, including frequent visits to the library, the playground, the auditorium and the Lower School science laboratory. Physical education, art and music occur every day.


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