Prep Division

Pre-Primary Program: Beginners, Prep I, Prep II

Beginners, Prep I, and Prep II comprise our preschool and kindergarten classes for three- to six-year olds. Our Prep program incorporates the Reggio Emilia educational philosophy into Elmwood Franklin’s long-standing tradition of high-quality early childhood education.

The Prep department is guided by the belief that children are dynamic participants in their educational experience. We give our young students a very active role in choosing topics and methods of study. With the guidance of their teachers, they engage in projects that incorporate literacy, math, science, art and design, dramatic play, music, and social awareness. Children’s daily work is documented by teachers to validate their learning and to share their discoveries with others. The physical environment is seen as an important part of the learning process, with an emphasis on natural and child-created materials.

We believe that school, home, and community work in partnership to promote learning. Our Prep program maximizes this by informing and involving parents in the life of the classroom, by encouraging meaningful collaboration among students, and by enabling children to take part in the greater community through service learning. Furthermore, we encourage students to take responsibility, to make choices, and to solve problems for themselves, while providing a secure, consistent environment for their learning and personal development.

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