Upper School

Grades 5-8


Freedom and independence are both the privilege and the responsibility of students in Upper School, grades 5 through 8. We encourage them to explore new activities, enabling them to discover and develop their own interest. When students graduate, they are well prepared academically, posses valuable organization and study skills, and demonstrate strong leadership qualities.

Many Upper School programs are unique to Elmwood Franklin. Our award-winning outdoor education programs combine group problem solving with environmental and science studies. Frequent option classes allow students to explore art, crafts, computer, sports, science and nature. Our students benefit from a well developed interscholastic athletic program with many competitive opportunities. Two annual theater productions and Blue and Gray sports teams encourage cooperation, camaraderie and team spirit.

Most importantly, EFS is committed to leading our students through a process of growth and discovery. As eighth graders, our students proudly take their place as leaders of the school community. They possess self-assurance and a strong foundation for future success.

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