Upper School

Grades 5-8

Grades 5 through 8 comprise our Upper School division. At Elmwood Franklin, our older students enjoy new freedoms, privileges, and responsibilities as their studies are expanded and accelerated. Our program is specially designed to support the intellectual, physical, and socio-emotional growth of young adolescents in an environment that is both rigorous and nurturing.

Individual subject teachers work together in advisory teams to ensure each student’s overall success. The Upper School academic program uses a “mastery learning” approach to build students’ skills and prepare them for future challenges. Mastery learning assures that all our students reach a high level of understanding that gives them the foundation upon which to build subsequent learning.

A comprehensive offering of learning experiences provides students with the chance to discover and develop their own interests, while service learning and character education encourage students to see service not as a requirement but as a way of life. Eighth grade culminates with the IDEA project, an interdisciplinary capstone project that showcases students’ differing interests and viewpoints, as well as their creativity and range of skills. Upon graduation, students are confident and well-prepared academically, possess valuable organization and study skills, and demonstrate the qualities of strong and compassionate leaders.

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